Spain: its Saints, Sanctuaries and Cities! SOLO SPAIN including FATIMA, PORTUGAL

Date: 4th Sep 2024 - 20th Sep 2024


Embark on a transformative journey through the sacred landscapes of Spain, delving into the realm of saints, sanctuaries, and vibrant cities! Led by Spiritual Director Fr. Paul Staes CICM, our 17-day pilgrimage from September 4th to September 20th, 2024, promises to enrich your soul. Explore revered sites in Spain and Portugal, including the mystical sanctuary of Fatima, where the divine presence is palpable. Immerse yourself in the profound spiritual heritage of these lands as we traverse through centuries-old traditions and marvel at architectural wonders. As an optional extension, indulge in the modern marvels of Dubai for an additional two nights until September 22nd, 2024. Join us on this extraordinary voyage of faith and discovery!

Spiritual Director

Fr Paul Staes CICM


Spain: its Saints, Sanctuaries and Cities! SOLO SPAIN including FATIMA, PORTUGAL


14 Breakfast, 14 Lunch, 14 Dinner


14 Days, 14 Nights

  • Cathedral (La Almudena)
  • Gran Via, Paseo la Castellana (Santiago Bernabeu Stadium) & Cybele’s Fountain
  • Valley of the Fallen
  • Toledo City
  • Our Lady of Pillar Basilica
  • Santander City and the Santander Cathedral
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • The famous thurible used at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, in Spain
  • Valinos (4th Apparition our Lady Monument)
  • Tombs of St. Jacinta, St. Francesco, and Lucia
  • Mezquita - Great Mosque-Cathedral
  • St John of God (Church and Hospital)
  • Our Lady of Perpetual. Help, Old buildings of the University, Cathedral, Royal Chapel
  • Cathedral of Murcia
  • Historical City of Valencia
  • 12th-century Romanesque carving of the Black Virgin
  • Cathedral of Gaudi - the Sagrada Familia
  • And many more...

Pilgrimage Map

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